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This devotional series comes with both a contemporary and traditional devotion to help lead you through the events from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection of Christ. Our hope and prayer is that these devotions will be meaningful to you and your family and help to prepare your hearts for the glorious celebration that is Easter Sunday.

Section Title

  • Monday

    Take an intimate look at the Passover Feast and the regulations placed upon its observance by the Lord. 

  • Tuesday

    Take a closer look at the relationship between leaven and the Passover Feast. 

  • Wednesday

    Take a closer look at the inspection of the Passover Lamb as He prepares to be our sacrifice.

  • Thursday

    Take a closer look at the events of the Last Supper and the Garden as Jesus prepares to be arrested and tried.

  • Friday

    Take a closer look at the sacrifice of Christ as He lays down His life for our sins.

  • Saturday

    Take a closer look at the resurrection of our Savior. He is risen! He is risen indeed!