Worship Ministry

We are created for the express purpose of worshipping God. Our lives are designed to be an ongoing worship of God that is unceasing each moment of each day. While we gather together for concentrated times of celebration and worship of who God is and what He has done, our every day lives are a testimony of the wonder, power and majesty of God for the world to see. It is the aim of every Christian to be continuous worshipper of the One who has created us, pursued us and has and continues to save us.

With this understanding in mind, the Worship Ministry at New Hope Community Church aims to equip and direct the worship of each member of our local body toward greater devotion, dependence and delight of God. Our team efforts toward this aim through the Sunday morning gathering, weekly practices and social gatherings, times of training and equipping as well as intentional devotion of our lives into the lives of others. Our prayer is to glorify God through all of who we are that others might see Him more clearly. Our team has carefully thought through a worship philosophy to reflect upon the aim of our ministry.

Worship Philosophy of New Hope Community Church Petoskey

    New Hope Community Church (NHCC) is committed to fellowship through corporate worship. We believe that worship is a natural response to the character of and truth about God. We worship God through prayer, teaching, song, communion and reading of His word. We believe that God has called specific members of the body to utilize their gifts to lead the body in worship. These individuals strive to engage the hearts of those from different generations and places in their spiritual journey in a unified response of praise to God. In order to accomplish this, NHCC strives in each corporate gathering to be: 

            -Theologically sound in music presented

            -Christ-centered, not just presenting Christian values

            - Varied in music choices, using both classical hymns and contemporary songs

    As a part of the ministry of NHCC, the worship team is dedicated to proclaiming the truth of Christ to our community and to the world, while challenging followers of Christ to live in accordance with His truth and with greater love for one another. We value equipping others to follow Christ better and to fulfill the work that God has designed for them. 


Worship Ministry Leadership


   The goal of the worship ministry leadership is to equip each member of the worship team to glorify God by utilizing their giftings, and to facilitate through song choice, instrumental arrangements and order of worship an engaged opportunity for each individual in the body of Christ to present themselves in worship before the Lord. While realizing the diversity in the NHCC body, the worship ministry leadership will utilize various modalities to convey truth to young and seasoned Christians. They will strive to unite the team around their common love and passion for Christ. The aim of the worship ministry is to provide avenues for the congregation to pursue Christ with the same fervor that He has pursued each member of the body.