Elder Leadership Team

Meet the Elder Leadership Team that seeks to serve God's people for the sake of His glory. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments for our leadership team, you can email them or call the church office at 231-348-6905.

  • Mike Banach And His Wife, Denise

    Mike and Denise Banach have two children and four grandchildren. They have been attending New Hope for 12 years and serve the Lord through the fellowship and ushering ministries at church. They enjoy cooking, camping, and biking. They can often be seen out kayaking in the summers on Walloon Lake. 

  • Pastor Paul Allen and his wife, Laura

    Paul and Laura have been married for 18 years and have three children. After serving the Lord in student ministry for almost two decades, they answered the call to come and serve at New Hope in January of 2018. Paul received his Bachelors in Student and Family Ministry from Corban College and his Master's in Educational Leadership from Gateway Seminary. Paul and Laura enjoy taking their family on adventures to see the wonder of God's creation and the rich history of the cultures that surround us.

  • John Bortz And His Wife, Judy

    John and Judy have been married 48 years and have two daughters and four grandkids. They has been a member at New Hope since 2006. John has used his gifts to serve the Lord at New Hope as Secretary, Treasurer and Elder. John likes to read and do crossword puzzles. His favorite book is the Holy Bible and enjoys reading authors: C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, E.M. Bounds, A.W. Tozer and the fiction writers, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliott. John and Judy love spending time with his family and can often times be found supporting their grandkids at sporting events and concerts.

  • Dennis Carr and his wife, Connie

    Dennis and Connie have been married for 46 years and have two sons and two grandchildren. Dennis has been attending New Hope since the second Sunday that this body of believers have gathered in Petoskey. Dennis serves in the usher ministries and helps to take care of our church library. In his free time, Dennis enjoys reading and fishing. Dennis is often found out in his wood shop crafting all sorts of hand made goods. Dennis and Connie also enjoy spoiling their grandkids as often as possible.  

  • John Holloway and his wife, Amy

    John and Amy have been married for 13 years. They have two wonderful children and two beautiful granddaughters. John serves on the set up team and Amy serves each month on the children's ministry team. John and Amy love to spend time in the outdoors. They can often be found out hiking, fishing and camping, enjoying the wonder of God's creation. 

  • Michael McGeehan and His wife, Melissa

    Michael and Melissa have three children who keep them going in several directions at the same time. They have been attending New Hope for the past 12 years. Michael and Melissa serve in the media ministry at New Hope overseeing the sound, tech and media departments as well as serving on the setup team. Michael is actively involved in the Boy Scouts as are his two sons. They also enjoy spending time together as a family hiking, camping and RVing (if that is a word). 

  • Fred Powell and His Wife, Mandi

    Fred and Mandi have four wonderful kids who always keep life interesting. They have been worshipping at New Hope for four years, and Fred serves the Lord with his talents as drummer on our worship team. They enjoy spending quality time with their family down on the water and on Saturdays in the fall, you can find Fred watching The Ohio State Buckeyes taking home the W. 

  • Wayne Roisen and His Wife, Jackie

    Wayne and Jacky have been married for 33 years and have 4 wonderful children. They host a home group in their home and Jacky serves in the children's ministry and the worship ministry. Wayne enjoys spending time in the woods. Wayne and Jacky enjoy going on walks and spending time with their 8 grandchildren whenever possible.